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The image of the dancing woman was created to represent the benefits that result from having a healthy, loving relationship with your body. I wanted an image that would evoke a sense of joy in movement, of serenity, satisfaction, and self-confidence. These characteristics are just some of the qualities that truly define what is attractive and sexy in a person. She doesn’t portray the American ideal of beauty, an unrealistic ideal that causes many women and men to feel inferior, ashamed, or left out. No matter what your size, large, small or in-between, she invites you to expand your definition of what is beautiful.

Your negative body experience may not be about size. You may believe your skin is too dark or too light. A scar might make you feel ugly. You may think you are too tall or too short. You might judge parts of your body as too wide or too flat. You may regret not appreciating your body when it was younger and are struggling with accepting your body as it shifts through the aging process. You might feel betrayed by your body due to an illness or disability. You may be recovering from an eating disorder and know that how you feel about your body can send you into an obsessive cycle with food. No matter what caused your negative body image, the pain leaves you feeling alienated and keeps you from living life fully.

Transforming negative body image goes beyond finding a flattering hairstyle or creating the perfect wardrobe. At Celebrate Your Body,SM we dig deep to expose what triggers your negative body image. We talk about how your life might change when you begin to accept your body. You will learn that acceptance doesn’t mean complacency or giving up on your body. Acceptance means loving all of who you are and bringing all of who you are into the world. I invite you to check-out the services offered and make use of the resources section to find additional support and inspiration. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Wishing you Body-Esteem!

Nomi Dekel, MA, LMFT


People of all sizes, shapes, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds welcome.


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